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How to conduct on-site survey of LED display screens?

1. The wall status, installation method (embedded, floor mounted, suspended, wall mounted, supported, pillar mounted), and stress situation of the LED display screen installation location. And based on the specific size of the display screen, confirm whether there are any obstacles hindering the installation of the display screen at the installation site. In the case of embedded installation, is the reserved installation slot suitable; If there are decorative partitions on the wall, it is necessary to inquire with the user about the condition of the wall; If installing a pillar screen, it is important to have a clear understanding of the geological conditions.

2. The power supply situation on site. The capacity of the computer room or AC transformer, whether the cables need to be rearranged, or whether the diameter of the arranged cables meets the requirements; If it is Single-phase electric power, whether there is a grounding wire; If it is Three-phase electric power, whether it is three-phase five wire. If it is necessary to rewire, the length of the power cord on site needs to be accurately measured.

3. Understand the control position of the display screen and whether the communication line is smooth. The length of communication lines required on site, and whether there are any other devices or lines that need to be connected to the display screen control terminal or have a clear understanding of the switching method of on-site signal channels; If users don't understand anything, at least they need to understand their application needs, especially for theater users. If the user has already wired, inquire if the length and quantity of the wiring are appropriate.


4. Tools that need to be carried, such as a tape measure or laser ruler. Is scaffolding required or provided by the user. Is the computer provided by the user.

5. The external environment of the site. Do you need to pay attention to moisture prevention when installing indoors? Do you need to pay attention to details of waterproof and lightning protection measures when installing outdoors? Outdoor screen users need to observe the viewing distance of the audience, the height of the display screen, and the direction of sunlight.

6. Try to use a camera to take photos of all situations encountered on site, with different angles and details captured in place.

7. Does the user have any special requirements, and if so, is it possible to achieve them, as well as the difficulty of the project.

8. If the merchant is responsible for construction, it is also necessary to go to the local area to understand the specific location of the steel market and building materials market.