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LED Interactive Floor Screen Application Guide

LED floor screen is a personalized LED display screen designed specifically for the ground. Compared to traditional LED display screens, LED floor screens have been specially designed and processed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance, making them suitable for high-intensity stepping and long-term normal operation.


LED floor screens have a wide range of applications, attracting people's attention and creative interactivity, making them applicable in multiple industries.

Entertainment venues: Amusement parks, theme parks, entertainment centers, and nightclubs use LED floor screens to increase fun and interactivity. These screens can be used to create immersive experiences, such as interactive games, music performances, or visual effects on the floor. The stage adopts a p3.91 LED display screen model, which can dynamically play video content. It can be stepped on and has a built-in sensor chip to track footsteps and activities, presenting timely interactive visual effects and achieving interaction with people, making it extremely interesting.

Exhibitions and Museums: Museums, exhibitions, and art galleries utilize LED floor screens to enhance the audience's educational and entertainment experience. They can be used to display historical information, simulate the environment, or provide viewers with a deeper understanding of artworks and exhibits.

Hotels and restaurants: Upscale hotels and restaurants can enhance customer experience by installing LED screens on the lobby or restaurant floor. These screens can display welcome messages, menus, special offers, or decorative visual effects. The restaurant with LED interactive floor screens, created using sound, electricity, and light, is highly favored by customers, enhancing its attractiveness, increasing customer flow, and improving the dining experience for users.


Sports venues: Sports venues use LED floor screens to enhance the entertainment of matches. These screens can display stadium advertisements, game statistics, and celebration events, attracting viewers and increasing interactivity.

Display and Exhibition: In various displays and exhibitions, LED floor screens are used to attract audiences and convey information. They can be used to showcase new products, company information, or provide interactive displays.