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Explanation of two installation methods for stage LED display screen

1、 Hoisting method

The size of the LED rental screen is determined based on a regular screen.

The lifting screen should not be enlarged. The general requirement is below 6M * 10M. Exceptions to special box materials and strip curtains.

The top is equipped with a lifting beam, and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. The lifting beam is used for lifting the screen.

The row and row boxes are connected by a lifting mechanism, and the horizontal boxes are tightened by locking buckles.

The lifting mechanism is divided into gear type, cone rod type, and bolt type.

The gear type is relatively expensive and beautiful,

The conical rod type is moderately priced and reliable.

The bolt type is the cheapest, reliable, and difficult to assemble, making it suitable for situations where disassembly and assembly are not repeated.


2、 Truss installation method

1) The screen can be moved in real-time according to actual needs

2) Screen movement is divided and moved according to the display screen and on-site conditions

3) Adopting truss guide rail design

Due to the frequent loading and unloading and repeated use of LED display screen products based on the location and stage scene of use, there are high requirements for the portability and durability of the products, as well as the professionalism of the installation personnel. In addition, rental screens generally cannot avoid transportation, so they also need to have high shockproof performance.