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What are the advantages of LED display screen manufacturers?

LED display screens are widely used around us, involving many industry fields, such as security monitoring, office meetings, advertising media, exhibitions and other occasions. In this process, there are naturally many suppliers of LED display screens, spread across cities across the country, but most of them are data agents, engineering companies or small workshops, and there are only a handful of large-scale LED display screen manufacturers.

Compared with non-scale LED screen manufacturers, real LED screen manufacturers have the following advantages:

1. Effective cost savings

The sales of LED display manufacturers belong to the direct sales model, which eliminates the agency link of middlemen. In many cases, it can directly reduce the user's purchase cost by about 20%. Users only need to purchase high-quality products and services at affordable prices. 


2. Product quality is more guaranteed

Professional LED screen manufacturers can better ensure that the quality of their products is stable, and there will be no OEM phenomenon. They strictly comply with national energy conservation and environmental protection standards, prevent some unscrupulous dealers from shoddy products, or OEM links, and ensure smooth acceptance of the project. .

3. Fast response to technology and services

By choosing a regular LED screen manufacturer, you can better enjoy the professional technical support and services provided by the manufacturer, and quickly solve various problems such as installation, debugging, and after-sales.

4. High technical quality assurance

For regular LED display manufacturers, the technical quality of their products has naturally reached a certain level. Their products and technologies can maintain stability and reliability when providing support to customers. In addition, the LED display manufacturers have a sound after-sales mechanism and comprehensive service management system. The quality is even more reassuring. The important thing is that this kind of service guarantee and detail control are conducive to the vast number of merchants seeking in-depth cooperation.

5. Rich product technology types

The product types and technology types sold directly by LED display manufacturers are generally relatively rich, and the product systems they have established can meet the actual application needs of customers in different fields. This diversity also illustrates the flexible control of this type of technology by LED screen manufacturers.

6. Provide the project contractor’s bid winning rate

Formal LED screen manufacturers generally have relatively complete product qualifications. In addition to important qualifications such as CCC certification, ISO three-quality system certification, energy-saving certification, environmental certification, and Ministry of Public Security inspection guarantee, they also have software registration rights, technology invention patents, etc. This is also a qualification certificate only possessed by some powerful manufacturers, which can better assist customers in bidding matters and greatly increase the bid winning rate.

Regular direct sales from LED display manufacturers are of key significance to the large-screen display market. Firstly, the price system is relatively reasonable and affordable; secondly, it can provide a wide range of LED display products and technology types with a wide range of styles. In addition, the products and technology are practical and stable. Sexual viability is fully guaranteed and the service is impressive.