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How to maintain LED display screens?

1. Maintain the humidity of the LED display screen usage environment.

The interior of an LED display screen is composed of boards and components, which have high humidity requirements. Do not let anything with moisture properties enter your LED display screen. This will cause corrosion and short circuits of internal components, which can lead to damage to the LED display screen.

2. Require stable power supply and good grounding protection.

Do not use in harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather.

3. Do not stay in all white, all red, all green, or all blue for a long time during playback.

All white, all red, all green, all blue and other bright images can easily cause excessive heating of the power cord, causing damage to the LED lights, and affecting the lifespan of the display screen.

LED display screens

4. It is recommended that the LED display screen has a daily rest time of more than 2 hours.

During the rainy season, the LED screen should be used at least once a week. This is to prevent the LED display screen from being used for a long time and internal components from getting damp, which may cause a short circuit when it is turned on again next time.

5. Correct switching sequence of LED display screen.

First turn on the control computer to ensure its normal operation, and then turn on the large LED display screen; Turn off the LED display screen first, and then turn off the computer.

6. Do a good job in cleaning and maintenance.

After using the LED display screen for a period of time, the screen needs to be cleaned in a timely manner. When cleaning, it is necessary to gently wipe the surface with a towel and alcohol, and not directly use a damp cloth.

7. Avoid potential contact with sharp objects.

The surface of an LED display screen is very fragile, consisting of light beads. To avoid sharp blunt objects scratching its surface, which may cause the light beads to fall off, we can choose passive protection or active protection, and try to keep items that may cause damage to the display screen away from the screen.

8. LED display screen shall be regularly checked for normal operation.

After installing the LED display screen for a long time, it is necessary to frequently check the circuit for damage, and if there is any damage, it should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. Non professionals are not allowed to touch the internal circuit of the large screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; If problems arise, professional technical personnel should be promptly notified to take corresponding solutions.