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Future development trend of LED rental display screen

1. Development towards small pitch display

In recent two years, from the perspective of display quality requirements, the more precise the LED rental screen point spacing is, the more popular it is. In the future, it will certainly replace the 4K display effect, and the corresponding product price will also drop.

2. Develop to more application fields

Nowadays, LED rental screens are mainly used in different outdoor places such as stadiums, parks, banks, securities, stages, bars, shopping malls, stations, telecommunications, monitoring, schools, restaurants, etc. In the future, their applications will be more extensive, such as smart factories, smart cities.

3. Developing towards ultra-thin and light display

Generally, the box of LED rental screen is several hundred jin, some of which are up to 10cm thick, which is obviously not conducive to transportation and installation and affects the market promotion. With the maturity of display technology, LED rental screens will improve in material, structure and installation, and will develop thinner and higher definition displays.

4. Development towards patent protection

Due to the fierce competition in the leasing market, many enterprises are unwilling to spend money and energy on R&D in order to seize market orders, expand scale and lease at a low price. There are some cases of screen technology plagiarism. In order to maintain the technological competitive advantage, patent protection will become the future development trend.

5. Development towards standardization

Because there are hundreds of LED rental screen manufacturers, large and small, and there is no unified standard for product quality, price, design, and structure, which is confusing. Some enterprises sell at low prices, and some enterprises copy the design, which makes customers and manufacturers worried. In the future, products will be standardized.