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Seven key points to pay attention to when installing stage LED display screens

Point 1

Stage LED leasing is an important aspect of early exploration when installing LED screens. It is also necessary to plan according to the on-site construction situation and the screen body. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen body is the first step in the installation process of LED screens.

Point 2

The stage LED rental and LED screen are both steel frame planning. Generally, within 3 to 5 days after signing the contract, engineers will plan the steel frame structure based on the on-site conditions and the practical situation of the LED display screen, and hand it over to the installation party. The installation party can only obtain the steel frame structure drawings (CAD drawings). All construction work must be purchased according to the provided drawings, relevant materials, and steel structure production plans.


Point 3

Stage LED leasing, LED screen power and distribution equipment calculation: Generally, during the installation of the device, it is necessary to plan in advance the power consumption of the screen and the number of distribution cabinets equipped. In addition, before the production of LED display screens, the manufacturer will calculate the actual power consumption based on the practical situation of the screen, and provide cooperation to the construction party.

Point 4

LED display screen installation: Customers will have an understanding of the steel structure construction, and they will not have much knowledge of the wiring and general splicing of LED display screens. This needs to be done under the guidance of professional LED engineers. Stage LED leasing requires the other party to participate in LED screen operators to learn more about the screen.

Point 5

At the end of the installation, the stage LED rental requires the LED manufacturer's technical personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the LED screen before it can be powered on normally and connected to the computer for screen control.

Point 6

Repair of LED screen: During the commissioning of LED screen, the stage LED leasing may occasionally show a set of LED modules damaged. At this time, engineers are required to carry out on-site repair or replace spare parts.

Point 7

Skill training for LED display screens: During the production process of the screen body, customers can send personnel to LED display screen manufacturers to learn LED display screen operation and simple spare parts replacement skills.

Remind everyone to pay attention to the above instructions when installing the LED display screen, and also remember to pay attention to safety during installation.