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P2.97 Interactive LED dance floor screen price

The price of interactive ground screens may vary based on various factors such as brand, size, quality, functionality, and market demand. Generally speaking, due to its high-quality display effects and advanced technological applications, the price of P2.97 interactive floor screens will be relatively high.


According to market references, the price of P2.97 interactive tile screens may range from $700 to $1000 per square meter. The specific price also needs to be determined based on factors such as the specific specifications of the product, the manufacturer's quotation, and your purchase quantity.


We suggest that you contact multiple suppliers to obtain detailed product information and quotations in order to choose the P2.97 interactive tile screen that best suits your needs. At the same time, ensure that the selected supplier has a good reputation and high-quality after-sales service to ensure the smooth process of your purchase and use.